1-5 April 2021
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Featured Speakers

Cele Fierro

Argentinian abortion activist and socialist

Michael Brown

Black Lives Matter activist and US socialist

Anasse Kazib

Rank and file union activist from France

Dr. Gary Foley

Veteran Aboriginal activist and historian

Mike Jackson

co-founder Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners

August Nimtz

American Marxist scholar

Nahui Jimenez

Mexican-Australian anti-racist activist

Jairus Banaji

Marxist historian

Alessandro Fernandes

teacher-activist from Brazil

Michael Roberts

Marxist economist

Juana Runa

Bolivian revolutionary

Sandra Bloodworth

labour historian and socialist activist

Panos Petrou

Greek revolutionary socialist

Aran Mylvaganam

member of the Tamil Refugee Council

Luis Meiners

Argentinian socialist activist and sociologist

Diane Fieldes

veteran socialist activist and writer

Frieda Afary

Iranian-American researcher

Jorge Jorquera

Victorian Socialist Maribyrnong City Councillor

Roz Ward

founder of the Safe Schools program

Vashti Fox

anti-fascist activist and writer

Tom Bramble

author of books on the Australian labour movement

Jerome Small

socialist and trade union activist

Anneke Demanuele

convenor of Uni Students for Climate Justice

Joaquin Araneda

Chilean socialist activist

Kevin Lin

a labor activist and researcher on China

David Brophy

author of Uyghur Nation

Thanush Selvarasa

Recently freed from Australian detention

Lavanya Thavaraja

refugee activist and unionist

Rob Wallace

Marxist biologist

Corey Oakley

an editor of Redflag newspaper

Anand Gopal

Award-winning investigative journalist

Katerina Kallergi

Greek socialist activist

April Holcombe

Socialist activist and writer

Rick Kuhn

Marxist economist and socialist activist
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