14-17 April 2022
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Marxism Conference 2022

Marxism 2022 is a festival of anti-capitalist ideas. In 2022 it will be held in five different Australian cities: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

The Marxism conference provides a much-needed forum to discuss socialist ideas, radical history and key questions in left wing politics.


Melbourne: Thursday April 14th to Sunday 17th
Sydney: Friday April 15th and Saturday 16th
Brisbane: Saturday April 23rd and Sunday 24th
Adelaide: Saturday 16th April
Perth: Saturday 16th April

What is Marxism about?

2022 is a time of world capitalism facing multiple crises, from an ongoing pandemic that has killed millions, to the climate crisis, to economic turmoil and rising imperialist tensions. Lately we have seen the worrying growth in far right politics globally. But we also continue to see mass working class resistance, from Sudan, to Myanmar, to Iran and beyond. Marxism 2022 is our chance to get together and discuss the fightback we need.

There's something for every left wing person. For those new to socialist politics, a dedicated stream of Marxism 101 sessions will provide an introduction to the core ideas of Marxism. These sessions are the best environment to find out what Marxist politics is all about, and to answer any questions you might have. There are also heaps of sessions dealing with more advanced Marxist theory, discussing the history of capitalism and resistance, and making sense of the world today.

Each session is made up of a talk by activists and experts in the field, followed by discussion. We strongly encourage participation from everyone, especially those newer to socialist politics. In the program you will find more information about each session, and some suggested readings to provide some background to the topic.

Who hosts Marxism Conference?

Marxism 2022 is hosted by Socialist Alternative, Australia's largest socialist organisation.

The conference is supported by Red Flag, Australia's leading left wing newspaper.

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There has never been a more urgent time to begin discussions about how we can fight for a world fit for us all to live in.

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