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Marxism 2021 Conference will take place in extraordinary times. COVID 19 is ravaging the bodies of millions against the backdrop of an unprecedented climate crisis. The rich are getting richer while unemployment is skyrocketing and poverty is increasing. The class divide could not be any starker.

While those at the top of society answer the crises with division, repression, racism and brutality, our side, workers, students, the poor and oppressed, mobilise solidarity, compassion and determination in our struggle for a better world. So, while 2020 has seen the worst that society has to offer, it has also seen the best in the protest movements that have swept across the globe from Chicago to Chile, from Hong Kong to Nigeria.

Marxism 2021 brings together activists, radicals, rebels, students, unionists and revolutionaries from across the world for a weekend of debate and discussion of contemporary radical politics, history and theory.

The event will be taking place simultaneously in person in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Perth but will be linked up nationally and internationally for talks and discussions.

We will hear from socialists on the frontline in the USA, Latin America, China and the Middle East. There will be talks for those who are new to Marxism and sessions for seasoned activists wanting to debate out their analysis of the current period. There will be sessions to inspire and some to provoke. There is something for everyone.

Get your ticket today as there has never been a more urgent time to begin discussions about how we can fight for a world fit for us all to live in.

The M21 conferences across Australia will have a COVID-safe plan and will strictly follow health department guidelines and restrictions. In the event of a resurgence of COVID-19 infections in a particular city, which makes the hosting of an in person event no longer possible, we will move the conference online.

Speakers, Program and Venue details coming soon

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*Online tickets are available for international attendees