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Harry van Moorst


Harry van Moorst grew up in Moe and became involved in opposition to the war while attending Melbourne University. Prior to the introduction of draft resistance, he registered but said he would be a conscientious resister if he were to be called up and soon realized the centrality of opposition to conscription. In 1968, he and others formed Students for a Democratic Society and in 1970 the Draft Resisters Union. He participated in anti-war actions and was the Vice-chairperson of the Moratorium representing the youth movement and student alliance. At the third Moratorium, he was an MC on the speakers’ truck along with draft resisters who were defended from the police by a large crowd. He was also involved in the sanctuary and siege at Melbourne University and participated in the many campaigns and activities of the anti-war/anti-conscription movement of the period. He later continued his activism in a number of areas, including social justice and environment issues.

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