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Friday 11:45am

Why the Democrats will never be a social democratic party

US history and politics

Introduced by US socialist activist and writer Charlie Post.

Discussion and analysis of politics, history, theory and activism from a radical revolutionary socialist perspective. Produced in Melbourne, Australia.

With the revival of socialist politics in the US has come a renewed debate on the Democratic Party. Since at least the late 1930s, significant segments of the socialist left (Communist Party, Democratic Socialist of America) have argued that the Democrats could be transformed into a social-democratic labor party (“Realignment”)—an strategy that has recently been revived by those closest to Bernie Sanders of Vermont. More recently comrades in DSA claim that open socialists running in Democratic primaries can prepare for a future, “dirty” break of labor and oppressed people from the Democrats and launch an independent social democratic party. This talk critically interrogates both strategies as political dead ends that have derailed and disorganised the labor and social movements and the socialist left for over a century.


Debate in socialist worker - https://socialistworker.org/series/debate%3A-socialists-and-the-democrats

Left Voice interview with Charlie Post https://www.leftvoice.org/interview-with-charlie-post

Charlie Post https://www.jacobinmag.com/2018/02/socialist-organization-strategy-electoral-politics What strategy for the US left?

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