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Saturday 11:45am

Why do we need a revolutionary party?

Marxist theory

Introduced by veteran British socialist Moira Leahy.

After a prolonged period of retreat in both the international working class and the left around the world, the massive struggles of 2019 have put the question of achieving socialism from below on the agenda again. As reformist projects flounder and reformist governments continue to implement the very neoliberalism they claimed to oppose, the necessity and possibility of building revolutionary alternatives remain a critical issue for socialists. This meeting will seek to reassert how revolutionaries should relate to struggle and what type of organisation is needed now with particular reference to the growth and development of the Bolsheviks in the years pre dating 1917.


****Sandra Bloodworth https://bit.ly/39vY6QA

Sandra Bloodworth Marxist Left Review https://marxistleftreview.org/articles/lenin-vs-leninism/

Corey Oakley Marxist left Review


Tom Freeman Lenin’s Interventionist Marxism

John Molyneux Marxism and the Party


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