Friday 4:15pm

Marxism 101 - Where does racism come from?

Marxism 101

Introduced by Sydney socialist activist and former NUS National Ethno-Cultural officer Hersha Kadkol.

Racism is a massive injustice reviled by most left-wing people. In Australia, we’re unlucky enough to live in one of the most racist countries in the world. But across the globe, racist nationalism has prominent political representation and far right thugs are gathering in the streets. Worse, white supremacists are secretly plotting terror against racial minorities; all while the treatment of refugees, Muslims, immigrants and Indigenous people by governments is becoming increasingly vicious.

Why does racial inequality exist? Is it the inevitable response to difference or the product of hateful ideas? Or is something deeper and more structural at play? Moreover, how can we rid society of this scourge?

Come to this session to find out the roots of racism in the capitalist system of exploitation, war and oppression and how a united revolutionary struggle can achieve a society without racism.



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