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Friday 2:15pm

The theory of the trade union bureaucracy and the rank and file

Left debates

Introduced by Alexis Vassily, socialist activist and author from Perth.

Marxists support trade unions on principle. Yet they are contradictory organisations which group together workers to fight for their interests against the bosses, but also contain workers’ struggles within capitalism. Trade union officials personify this contradiction. They are a separate social layer to workers – and face pressure by the rank-and-file on the one hand, and bosses on the other. This leads to a tendency towards compromise and away from industrial action. This theory has informed the strategy of many socialist activists operating in trade unions who look to rank-and-file militancy and class conflict as the way forward.

The theory the trade union bureaucracy and rank and file has come under attack recently, with some describing the theory as crude and reductionist. John McIlroy, for example, argues that “Bureaucracy is inherent in trade unionism under capitalism. It pervades practice differentially but is not the exclusive property of a leading stratum…trade unionism, its reformist practice and the economistic consciousness it generates constitutes the primary barrier to progress…” Is this right? What implications does this have for union activists? This talk explores the theory and these debates, and uses examples from the Pilbara mining region of Western Australia – once a stronghold of militant unionism, now a bosses’ paradise.


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