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Friday 10:00am

Marxism 101 - The myth of capitalist democracy

Marxism 101

Introduced by Kim Stern.

Our rulers claim to love democracy. So much so they censor dissidents, beat protesters and drop bombs in far-off places all in the name of defending democracy. Australia is such a bastion of democracy that no matter which major party wins a federal election, we still get new coal mines, torturous refugee policies, and anti-union legislation despite public opposition. Yet all around the world today, from Chile to Lebanon to France, we see ordinary people rising up demanding democratic rights. And within these movements, we get a glimpse of a different, more radical form of democracy, not one based on voting every four years but on ordinary people organising for their own rights. This session will look at what Marxists say about why democracy and capitalism don’t mix, and how only socialist revolution can achieve genuine democracy and freedom.


The limits of capitalist democracy


Why democracy and capitalism don’t mix


We checked 100 years of protests in 150 countries. Here’s what we learned about the working class and democracy.


When democracy was thrown out the window


The far right is ascendant, but don’t weep for the old liberal order


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