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Friday 11:45am

The masses on the move: the revolt in Chile

Latin America


Jorge Jorquera is a Chilean-Australian socialist whose family were exiled from Chile during the Pinochet dictatorship. He has written for Red Flag newspaper on the contours of the struggle and the history of Chile’s radical left.

Luis Meiners is a member of the MST, an Argentinian socialist organisation. He spent a number of months in Chile during the height of the mass movement. He will report on the most recent developments in Chile.

Since late October 2019, Chileans have poured into the streets against the right wing government of president Sebastián Piñera and decades of neoliberalism and state repression. Despite intense repression by the government, the Chilean rebellion has displayed incredible perservence and courage. At times the movement has taken on insurrectionary proportions.

Students and young people have been at the forefront of the battle. Women have fought back collectively against sexual violence committed or condoned by state forces. Workers have also played a crucial role, putting the government on the defensive at critical moments with widespread strike action. In some cities, strike committees and nascent organisations of popular power have shown the potential that exists building popular power in conflict with the bourgeois state, a potential not realised thanks to the conservative leadership of the trade unions and the parliamentary left.

This panel discussion will look at the strengths and limitations of the mass movement, including offering a critical assessment of the contribution of Chile’s parliamentary left.


Maura Gálvez and Joaquín Araneda, Chile: Against Piñera and the Pact, for Human Rights of Yesterday and Today


Revolutionary Rehearsals in Chile’s uprising, Left Voice 22 November 2019


On the front lines against neoliberalism: an interview with Dauno Totoro of the Revolutionary Workers Party (PTR), Left Voice 29 December 2019


Claudio Uribe & Ben Fowler, Rebellion and betrayal in Chile, Red Flag 24 December 2019.


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