1-5 April 2021
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Bolivia: the MAS, the coup, and the fight for socialism


About this session

In 2019, Bolivia experienced a right-wing coup led by racist, wealthy reactionaries and supported by the US-backed Organization of American States. As a result, Evo Morales of the MAS (Movement Toward Socialism) Party was forced to step down. Since then, Bolivia’s working class indigenous population has been at the forefront of fighting against the right-wing coup government and forcing the interim government to hold elections, which were postponed three times. Finally, at the end of 2020, Bolivia held elections which brought the MAS back to power in a landslide. What does this mean in the fight for revolutionary socialism?

This session will be presented by Juana Runa, a Bolivian revolutionary and contributor to the socialist publication La Izquierda Diario Bolivia and a member of the Liga Obrera Revolucionaria - Cuarta Internacional (LOR-CI).

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