1-5 April 2021
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A Marxist critique of mutual aid and anarcho-communism


About this session

In the midst of the failure of many capitalist states to respond to the COVID crisis there has been a revival of interest in mutual aid networks and community organising. These ideas have a long history, going back to anarchist theorists such as Kropotkin. For some anarchists mutual aid networks are presented as an alternative path to a classless society compared to the traditional Marxist focus on class struggle and revolutionary uprisings. This session will explore the limits of mutual aid and the associated ideas of prefigurative politics and autonomism.

Recommended Reading

Mutual Aid Networks: Toward a Constructive Critiquein Left Voiceby Thomas Hummel
The Revolution Will Not Be Localizedin Left Voiceby Ezra Brain
Reflections on "prefigurative politics"in International Socialismby Samuel Farber
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