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Friday 10:00am

Students in revolt: Mexico 1968

Radical history

Introduced by Mexican Australian student activist Nahui Ludekens.

It was the first time a third world country was hosting the Olympic Games putting Mexico in the spotlight.

On October 2 1968, over 10,000 striking students and thousands of workers gathered in Plaza de las Tres Culturas in Mexico CIty. With only ten days before the Olympic Games were due to start, Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, then president of Mexico, was committed to shutting this down.

Within hours, thousands of troops attacked the rally, helicopters, and tanks moved in. The next morning, as many as 300 were dead with many more injured and more than 1,000 arrested. Many more just simply “disappeared.” The injustice that happened that day haunts Mexican politics to this day and has inspired resistance to the government ever since. It has also created a pattern - when students mobilize to demand their rights, workers quickly follow and the movements are strengthened.

1968 was a year of global revolt. The year a mammoth strike wave swept through France, the year the civil right movement erupted in the US, and the year a pro democracy movement started in Mexico. Like in France and the US, university students lit the match that would ignite months of revolts, Mexico was no different.


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Mexico 68 : Juventud Y Revolucion/ Youth and Revoulution by jose revueltas

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