1-5 April 2021
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Understanding the current economic crisis


About this session

2020 witnessed the sharpest economic collapse in capitalism's history, with hundreds of millions of workers plunged into unemployment and poverty worldwide. While our rulers would love to blame the world's current economic crash entirely on the coronavirus pandemic (itself a result of capitalist agricultural practices) and lockdowns, the reality is that the world economy was heading for crisis well before Covid-19.

This session will feature marxist economists Michael Roberts and Rick Kuhn in discussion about the underlying roots of the current crisis, what the prospects for capitalist recovery are, and what it is likely to mean for world politics and the class struggle going forward.

Recommended Reading

Michael Roberts Blog, The Next Recessionby Michael Roberts
Pandemic Economicsin International Socialism Journalby Michael Roberts
The Long Depression: Marxism and the Global Crisis of Capitalismby Michael Roberts
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