1-5 April 2021
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Politics of the pandemic


About this session

The Covid-19 pandemic has now killed over 1.5 million people and continues to ravage the world. Itself a result of capitalist agricultural practices, the pandemic has collided with a society that was incapable of a united, rational response that could pool all of our resources and ingenuity to save lives. Instead, the interests of profit and international competition have repeatedly won out. The response of governments has been highly contested, with business continually campaigning for "open" policies that have contributed to the death of millions, while the bulk of the population has supported lockdowns and health measures coming before "the economy". These questions have also been contested on the left, with some failing to distinguish between much-needed extreme health measures and reactionary authoritarian power-grabs, like bans on protests.

Recommended Reading

The evidence is in: lockdowns workin Red Flagby Omar Hassan
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