1-5 April 2021
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Anarchist vs Marxist approaches to the climate crisis

Climate debates

About this session

Marxists and (most) Anarchists would agree that capitalism is environmentally destructive, and has to be destroyed.

However, from this point we diverge on many questions. Why does capitalism destroy the environment? What's the relationship between humans and the planet? Should environmental politics centre humans? What should our tactics be in the fight for environmental justice today? By what means could we destroy capitalism, and what society do we want to see instead?

Join this session to discuss the differences between Marxist and Anarchist approaches to the climate crisis, and why those serious about ending the environmental degradation wrought by capitalism need to build Marxist, rather than anarchist politics.

Recommended Reading

Revolutionary strategy in a warming worldin Climate and Capitalismby Andreas Malm
Progress of This Storm: Nature and Society in a Warming Worldby Andreas Malm
Corona, Climate, Chronic Emergencyby Andreas Malm
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