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Saturday 7:15pm

PANEL: A planet to save! The role of socialists in responding to the climate crisis

Save the planet

Capitalism is killing the planet. Corporations’ insatiable drive for profit, the anarchy of the market and the entire political establishment, who are little more than the willing tools of the climate corporate criminals, are wreaking unimaginable destruction to the environment. They are creating a climate catastrophe that threatens our very future on this planet.

But millions of people around the globe are beginning to push back. The mass mobilisations of student strikers have provided a glimpse of the widespread and growing alarm. They’ve also given us a taste of our collective power. The apocolyptic bushfires that have scorched so much of Australia’s forests and regional communities this summer have created a new urgency to build a political fightback that can force radical action on the climate and challenge the neoliberal destruction of our public services that have left working class communities so vulnerable.

Socialists have been at the forefront of organising a collective mass response on the streets and taking up the fight to the polluters by blockading their conferences and headquarters. In response, we’ve faced growing attempts by Liberal and Labor governments to criminalise and repress the climate movement. In this session, we will hear from leading socialist climate activists about the politics and actions that we need to build and fuel a powerful, militant and radical climate movement.


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