Sunday 11:45am

No right to discriminate: sexuality, religion and culture wars

Gender and sexuality

In 2019, the Liberal government launched a broad attack on everyone who ever won protection from discrimination in recent decades: LGBTIQ folk, women, people with disability, racial, ethnic and religious minorities. All have been targeted by the so-called ‘Religious Discrimination’ Bills. The Liberal government have been obsessed with passing these laws ever since they were outvoted on marriage equality in 2017.

If passed, the laws would give bigots licence to discriminate and degrade people using ‘statement of belief’ protections, allow health providers to cut off access to treatments, especially those required by LGBTIQ people and women, and give religious hospitals and charities new rights to discriminate in employment and service provision. This session will explore the intersections between sexuality, religion and the culture wars in Australia and internationally.


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