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Sunday 4:15pm

Marx, Hegel and the Enlightenment

Marxist theory

Introduced by socialist activist Sadia Schneider, author of Marx and the state: the politics of philosophy - https://marxistleftreview.org/articles/marx-and-the-state-the-politics-of-philosophy/.

The legacy of Enlightenment thought in Marxism is contested. Marxists throughout history have distanced themselves from it to varying degrees. This talk will discuss the antinomies of bourgeois thought as expressed in the Enlightenment project and how we can comprehend these theoretically and historically. It will assess the ways in which Marxism was both a rupture with and the ultimate culmination of the Enlightenment ideals such as reason, freedom and human flourishing. Finally, it will address the question - does this matter today?


‘The holy family’ Marx

‘Prefacio to the philosophy of right’ Marx

‘What is enlightenment’ immanuel Kant

‘A revolution of the Mind’ Jonathan Isreal

‘The Young Hegel’ georg lucacs

‘German Idealism’ Frederick Beiser


https://redflag.org.au/node/6751 Karl Marx and the birth of modern socialism Darren Roso

https://marxistleftreview.org/articles/marx-and-the-state-the-politics-of-philosophy/ Marx and the state: the politics of philosophy Sadia Schneider

https://marxistleftreview.org/articles/review-karl-marx-and-the-birth-of-modern-society/ Review: Karl Marx and the birth of modern society Darren Roso

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