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Saturday 4:15pm

Marx and the mystery of money

Marxist theory

Introduced by Michael Lazarus, who has written extensively on Marx.

In his understanding of capitalism, Marx devoted serious study into the ‘mystery of money’. In the Grundrisse, Marx provides a fascinating discussion of the historical and chemical origins of money. Money takes a specific form under capitalism to express value. In his concept of money, Marx sought to show how this old evil is transformed into a new form of domination integrally linked to capital.


Primary: Karl Marx, Grundrisse (1973), 115-238.


Secondary: Roman Rosdolsky, ‘Making of Marx’s Capital’ (1977), 97-164.

Suzanne de Brunhoff, ‘Marx on Money’ (1976).

Patrick Murray, ‘Money as Displaced Social Form’ in ‘The Mismeasure of Wealth’ (2016), 277-293.

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