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Sunday 10:00am

In perspective: Edward Said

Resisting racism and fascism

Introduced by Dougal McNeill. Dougal teaches postcolonial literature and science fiction at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. He also blogs at Nae Hauf-Way Hoose and is an editor of Socialist Review. He’s currently writing a book on politics, modernist literature and the 1926 General Strike in Britain.

Edward Said (1935 – 2003) was a brave champion of the Palestinian people, a prolific writer and commentator against U.S. imperialism and war, and a widely influential cultural critic and theorist. Almost twenty years since his death his legacy still influences dissenting cultural writing and academic theory. But what are the connections between Said’s work for Palestinian liberation and his contributions as a critic and theorist? What can we learn from Said’s work for struggles today? This talk will place Edward Said in perspective, looking at his work from a Marxist view.


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