Sunday 4:15pm

Marxism 101 - Historical materialism: an introduction to Marxist philosophy

Marxism 101

Introduced by Sydney climate activist and socialist, Lily Campbell.

Marx’s philosophical work broke from theorists before him by grounding an understanding of the world and human society in materialism - rejecting abstract idealism. Marx showed not only that human action in the past created the modern world, but also that human action could shape a future world free from the contradictions of capitalism. Human beings under capitalism are both ‘world determined’ and ‘world producing’. Contrary to textbook interpretation, Marxism is not determinist, but a theory of revolutionary social change, developing from Marx’s own experiences of class struggle.


The Revolutionary ideas of Karl Marx - Alex Callinicos, chapter 3 and 4

An Introduction to Marx’s theory of Alienation

Base and Superstructure - Chris Harman

The Algebra of Revolution - John Rees

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