Saturday 10:00am

From apathy to rebellion: what makes workers fight?


Introduced by unionist and veteran socialist activist Jerome Small.

Throughout the history of class society, long periods of relative quiet in the class struggle have been suddenly and unexpectedly shattered by eruptions of struggle.

In this session, Socialist Alternative industrial organiser Jerome Small explores the various economic and political factors lead to these sudden shifts? How does cynicism and disengagement suddenly erupt into protest? And can socialists help that process along?


Is boom, then slump, behind fiery Latin American protests? (Al Jazeera)

Sandra Bloodworth, Global protests have returned to haunt world capitalism (Red Flag)

Phil Gasper, economic crisis and class struggle (International Socialist Review)

Jerome Small, What can we learn from past union revivals? (Red Flag)

Leon Trotsky, The interaction between booms, slumps, and strikes (International Socialism Journal)

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