1-5 April 2021
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The formation of Students for a Democratic Society: The revolutionary left in USA in the 1960s.


About this session

Out of the turmoil of the 1960's a new radical left emerged on the campuses in the United States. Arising out of the civil rights movement Students for a Democratic Society cohered as the key radical student organisation attracting over 100,000 members at its highpoint. Very quickly SDS was wracked by debates over Stalinism, the American working class, racism and Imperialism. This session will be introduced by Joel Geier who was a student activist in the Berkeley Free Speech Movement and was apart of the International Socialist Clubs that fought for SDS to adopt revolutionary anti-stalinist politics.

Recommended Reading

Radicals and the Berkeley Free Speech Movementby Joel Geier
The rise and fall of SDSin International Socialist Reviewby Geoff Bailey
The split in SDSin Workers' Powerby Jack Weinberg and Jack Gerson
SDSby Kirkpatrick Sale
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