1-5 April 2021
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Blowing the whistle on empire: Assange, Manning and the battle for justice


About this session

In 2010, seven years into America's occupation of Iraq, the world caught a glimpse of the horrors of Western imperialism. Leaked footage showed American soldiers gleefully killing unarmed civilians. Thousands of documents blew the lid on the slaughter in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as America's network of torture camps.

None of the politicians, generals or soldiers responsible for these atrocities have spent a day in prison. The only people who went to jail over these crimes were the people who risked their lives to expose them, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning.

Ten years on from the first Wikileaks exposures, Assange is still fighting for his freedom, with the entire system arrayed against him. The American government, aided by British courts, is determined to send a message: that ordinary people must be kept in the dark about the brutal realities of imperialism.

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