Friday 11:45am

Dystopian futures: authoritarianism, racism and the state in the context of climate chaos

Save the planet

Introduced by Sagar Sanyal, a socialist activist and regular contributor to Red Flag newspaper.

The state promotes and enforces rulers’ interests. How will it respond to climate chaos? Authoritarianism and racism are ruling class strategies in response to imperialist rivalry, social turmoil and forced migration – which are all phenomena that climate chaos will amplify. Why do capitalist societies tend to act this way? How are social movements responding to these attacks? What could workers’ states do to address climate chaos that capitalist states cannot? This talk argues that the climate movement should take seriously the questions of the state, the ruling class, and its overthrow.


Andreas Malm article, 2017, Revolution in a warming World, Socialist Register. (pdf)

Lee Wengraf, 2018, Extracting profit: imperialism, neoliberalism and the new scramble for Africa, Haymarket. Ch 5 New Scramble for Africa and Ch 6 Resource curse or Resource Wars? (pdf)

Justin Akers Chacon, 2019, Immigration policy under Trump, International Socialist Review, issue 105.(weblink)

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