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Saturday 10:00am

Book launch: The story of Palestine: empire, repression and resistance

Middle East

Introduced by author Vashti Fox.

The story of Palestine is one of colonial dispossession, indigenous resistance, imperial warfare, heartbreaking oppression and bitter, defiant struggle. This introductory book busts the widespread mythology that the conflict between Palestinians and the Israeli state is unfathomable and age old and argues that Israel is an apartheid state, sponsored by the big imperial powers of the twentieth century in return for securing Western capitalist interests in the Middle East. It also discusses the reasons why the Australian state is so unambiguous in its support for Israel as well as making a socialist case for why Palestinian struggle should be supported and the kinds of strategies and social forces required for victory.


Vashti Kenway, Understanding the Palestinian catastrophe, Red Flag 13 May 2018.


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Vashti Kenway, Israel: The terrorist state, Red Flag 12 July 2014


Vashti Kenway, Heroes of the Palestinian resistance, Red Flag 2 April 2017.


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