Sunday 2:15pm

PANEL: Bernie Sanders, the Democrats and building the left in the US today

Left debates

Featuring American revolutionary socialists and Socialist Alternative’s Vashti Fox, this panel will critically discuss a series of questions around the significance and politics of Bernie Sanders’ campaign and the state of the left in America today.


Coco Smyth, It’s their ballot line: socialism and elections, Left Voice 14 December 2019

Daniel Taylor, Review: Bhaskar Sunkara’s Socialist Manifesto, Marxist Left Review No 18 Winter 2019

Which Way to Socialism? A Converation with Eric Blanc and Charlie Post, Jacobin 21 July 2019

Doug Enaa Greene, Not on our side: Bernie Sanders and imperialism, Left Voice 18 June 2019

Dan La Botz, DSA Two Years Later: Where Are We At? Where Are We Headed? New Politics 3 January 2019

Seth Ackerman, Blueprint for a new party, Jacobin 8November 2016

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