Saturday 10:00am

Power, structures and ideology in the oppression of women

Gender and sexuality

Introduced by socialist LGBTI activist and co-founder of Safe Schools, Roz Ward.

This session will explore debates that began in the 1970s and continue today between feminists and marxists about the role of structures, sources of power, and impact of ideology on women’s oppression. Where many feminists argue that patriarchal structures and male power are the major sources of sexism, marxists argue that capitalism is a system that benefits from gender-based oppression. New engagements with Social Reproduction Theory will also be discussed in the context of these broader debates about the causes of women’s oppression and the strategy needed for the liberation of people of all genders.


Marxism and women’s liberation by Louise O’Shea

The origins of women’s oppression – a defence of Engels and a new departure

Social reproduction theory: back to (which) Marx? by Sheila McGregor

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