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Friday 2:15pm

An introduction to Marx’s Capital

Marxist theory

Introduced by socialist activist and teacher Emma Black.

Marx’s groundbreaking theoretical work unveils the hidden political, economic and social dynamics of the world in which we live and struggle. Offering both an insightful analysis and revolutionary critique of capitalism, coming to grips with the work is essential for all radicals fighting for social transformation. Somewhat daunting at nearly 1000 pages long - and with a notoriously challenging first chapter - to stick with it is to discover the humour, wit, scathing condemnation and lyrical flourish so appreciated by readers of Marx. This talk will offer an introduction to some of the key concepts in volume 1 such as value, exploitation, competition and accumulation, to start piecing together the totality of modern capitalism, and the political lessons that flow from the radical critique.


Capital Volume 1, Karl Marx

Marx’s ‘Capital’ sixth edition, Ben Fine and Alfredo Saad-Filho

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