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Saturday 7:15pm

Amandla! A multi-media spectacular against racism

Art and culture

The fight back against racism has produced a wealth of cultural material in song, poetry, art and film. This performance led by Janey Stone and including Santo Cazzati (spoken word), Frances Lewis (vocals) and Llanon Davis (guitar) takes you on a journey around the world and back in time. From American anti-slavery songs like Let My People Go to Palestinian poetry and wall art to the modern Black Lives Matter movement and refugees you will be moved, engrossed and inspired. The struggle of Australian Indigenous people from the 1946-49 Pilbara strike, the NSW Freedom Rides and the Wave Hill strike will also be featured. Not to forget Jewish songs and stories in the face of the Holocaust. We will end with the joyous Meadowlands from the anti- Apartheid movement. Amandla, the watchword of the movement, means power. Come and experience this powerful performance.

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