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Saturday 2:15pm

After the tipping points: is socialism still possible in a hot house earth?

Save the planet

We live in a time where dystopian fatalism is a feature of popular culture and increasingly the vision millennials have for their future. The United Nations has said we need ‘rapid and far reaching change’ by 2030 to avoid triggering natural tipping points that would risk warming Earth into a climate catastrophe, and potentially a hothouse Earth. The climate movement lacks a positive vision for society beyond the tipping points. What pathways exist for humanity beyond this point? Will civilisation collapse as many liberal commentators and climate scientists believe? Will a humane alternative to capitalism still be possible?

This presentation will explore these questions and draw upon scientist’s understanding of the possible rapid and catastrophic environmental transformations projected to occur within the lifetime of millenials.


How the rich intend to rule a burning planet by James Plested


The climate crisis demands internationalism by Mick Armstrong


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