Friday 4:15pm

PANEL: 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War moratorium march in Australia

Australian history, politics and struggle

The May 1970 Moratorium march was the high point of the incredibly powerful movement against the Vietnam War. The over 200,000 who marched defied hysterical condemnation from the government and media as traitors and threats of savage repression. Three participants will outline their experience of a movement that changed Australian history.


Harry Van Moorst was one of the leaders of the Moratorium marches and student radical in the 70s.

Diane Fieldes was active in the high school anti-war movement against Vietnam War.

Mick Armstrong is author of 1, 2, 3: What are we fighting for? The Australian Student Movement from its origins to the 1970’s.


The radicalisation of the campuses, 1967-74, by Mick Armstrong:

From electoral defeat to mass movement: lessons of 1966 Mick Armstrong

I was a teenage socialist Diane Fieldes

Harry van Moorst interview for the documentary “Hell No We Won’t Go”

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