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Saturday 10:00am

'Our backyard': Australian imperialism in the Pacific

Australian history, politics and struggle

Introduced by Sydney Socialist activist and NUS National Ethno-Cultural Officer Vinil Kumar.

Australia is an expert when it comes to the kind of “foreign interference” it hypocritically decries. Ever since invasion, our rulers have had an eye to plundering the Pacific and securing control over the region against its rivals. The people of the Pacific Islands have paid the price: from slavery, invasions and massacres, the theft of natural resources, governments under the thumb of Canberra, debilitating neoliberal policies and now the devastation of climate change. As tensions between the United States and China escalate and our rulers ratchet up hysteria about Chinese influence in the region, this discussion will challenge the myth that the Australian government is any better than the major powers.


The Neighbour From Hell: Two Centuries of Australian Imperialism by Tom O’Lincoln available from Interventions publishing: https://interventions.org.au/books/10

“This is our patch”: All Australian imperialism http://sa.org.au/node/2010

Australia’s pacific empire http://sa.org.au/node/1800



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